Noémie De Almeida Ferreira

Noémie trained at the Conservatoire de La Rochelle and then joined the Atlantique Ballet Contemporain.  From 2016 to 2018, she continued her training by joining the Ballet Junior de Genève (BJG). At the same time, Noémie decided to keep a solo, created at the end of the BJG, and to continue its creation.

In October 2018, she joined the CCNR/Yuval Pick as a freelancer for the creation of Vocabulary of need. She becomes a permanent dancer in May 2019. In addition to performing the company’s entire repertoire, Noémie teaches Yuval Pick’s Practice Method to both professionals and amateurs.

Noémie De Almeida Ferreira, transmetteur Practice © Sébastien Erôme